A bit about Alfie, Inky & Huey (RESERVED)

Meet the 3 Amigo’s
These beautiful but shy boys are finally looking for their forever home together.
We know this is a big ask, but these lovely boys are very bonded, and we would like them to stay together if possible.
They came into our care last year as terrified kittens who you couldn’t get near, but with lots of patience and care they are finally trusting humans and really loving life.
They will always be shy meeting anyone new, but your patience will be very much rewarded.
All 3 of these boys are totally ruled by their bellies & they really love a good play session.
Inky loves his fuss & tickles. Huey is just plain nosy, and Alfie is still a bit nervous but where his brothers go, he will be following.
These boys need a nice quiet home


  • Age: 11 Months
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Tabby / Black / Tabby
  • Can Live With Other Cats: No
  • Can Live With Other Dogs: No
  • Can Live With Young Children: No
  • Needs Access To A Garden: Yes

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