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Transforming Lives,
One Cat at a Time

Waifs & Strays Cat Rescue is a beacon of hope for abandoned and mistreated felines in Dorset. Our dedicated foster carers pour their hearts into nurturing these precious souls, patiently guiding them from fear and trauma to the loving embrace they deserve. Each rescue is a journey of resilience, as we witness broken spirits blossom into faithful companions, their grateful eyes a testament to the transformative power of kindness.

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Your support is the lifeblood of our mission, a rallying cry that echoes through every purr of a once-starved cat, every joyful leap of a former stray. With every new member, we inch closer to a world where no feline endures neglect, where every whisker twitches with contentment in a cherished forever home. Together, we weave a tapestry of hope, one rescued life at a time, until every cat knows the warmth of a loving embrace.